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I wager you employed to view the Flintstones and Consider it was a documentary film similar to all All those spiritual but jobs out their spouting that garbage.

There remain a whole lot of countries using the MG3, and they could rebarrel These MG42s to 7.62 NATO and make some money off them…or they may promote them to us as components kits to rebuild as closed-bolt semi-autos.

In December 2006, comedian Al Franken (on his 8th USO tour at enough time) joked to troops in Iraq that he had experienced his fifth MRE to this point and "none of these had an exit method".[27]

The AK47U’s while in the photos were not launched right until 1974 so it’s not a “Vietnam/Korean/WWII war” stash. Plus it’s a staged photo with mags within the guns.

advanced regular munitions; Sophisticated cruise missile; air overcome maneuver; air contingency Marine air-floor endeavor force (MAGTF); airspace coordinating evaluate

Guess your ass we ate them. Whenever they manufactured a hissing sound after we turned the P-38 we ate them and so they have been wonderful. Have to are buried by a reserve or nationwide guard device teaching in Florida. Worm Pit Ranger Class 78-one.

I wonder if they’ll ever look for a stockpile of yank manufactured weapons abroad somewhere. Like an entire bunch of Garands or something like that, just waiting to become sent property.

Welp, seems like some extra SVTs are gonna hit the industry below shortly. Woo-hoo. With any luck , my antique cosmoline coated Nagant is inside of a pile in that warehouse.

long lasting improve of station; private communications technique; Principal Manage ship; processing subsystem; processor controlled strapping

I Individually by no means observed one in 9 mm nor experienced I ever heard about just one in that caliber, however details verify me Completely wrong. The following is from the Wiki report over the M3A1:

(U.K.) An Artillery expression for just a junior officer, implying that they might be more Helpful wedged under the wheels with the gun to prevent it sinking into your mud than in their present position.

This is analogous to the "Keys to plane" snipe hunt, because there aren't any keys for military ships here greater than riverines and certainly no keys for submarines.

It is vital that you purchase the civilian version since it is illegitimate to order or offer Military MREs. Again in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, military personnel were being claimed to own offered them While using the intent of constructing a gain.

Aircraft dealing with crew (and many ship's crew) have on colored pull-above shirts based upon their job which stands out to nearly all a ship's crewmen in plain blue uniforms.

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